Vera Wang at 75: The Secret to Her Youthful Energy and Body

As Vera Wang approaches her 75th birthday this July, the renowned wedding dress designer shares her secrets to maintaining a youthful and fit physique, revealing that hard work and dedication are key to her timeless beauty.

The Unexpected Beauty Secrets of Vera Wang

The Unexpected Beauty Secrets of Vera Wang

Known for her elegant bridal designs and impeccable sense of style, Vera Wang is a testament to ageless beauty. Despite turning 75, she continues to defy age with her stunning appearance. Vera Wang credits her youthful look to a few essential practices: minimal sun exposure, a nightly vodka to unwind, and ensuring she gets over seven hours of sleep each night.

Daily Routine and Lifestyle Choices

Vera Wang emphasizes the importance of hard work and staying busy. “I’ve always been driven by a packed schedule filled with commitments and tasks. It keeps me young inside and out,” she shares. Her dedication to her career and maintaining a routine has played a significant role in preserving her youthful vigor.

Skincare and Sun Protection

Vera Wang is a firm believer in protecting her skin from the sun. She attributes her flawless, fair complexion to avoiding excessive sun exposure. Her skincare routine includes using Johnson Baby Oil for her body and RoC sunscreen for her face, highlighting the importance of consistent and simple skincare practices.

Relaxation and Sleep

To cope with the stresses of her demanding career, Vera Wang enjoys a glass of vodka each evening, which she finds helps her relax and unwind. Additionally, she prioritizes sleep, ensuring she gets ample rest every night to rejuvenate her body and mind.

The Influence of Her Heritage

Wang also acknowledges the influence of her Asian heritage on her approach to beauty and aging. “I have many Asian friends my age who are incredibly beautiful and healthy. If people tell me I don’t look my age, it makes me happy, but that has never been my goal,” she explains.

Vera Wang’s approach to beauty and aging is not just about physical appearance but also about maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Her commitment to her work, combined with her skincare routine and relaxation techniques, offers valuable insights for anyone looking to age gracefully and stay vibrant.

Key Takeaways from Vera Wang’s Beauty Regimen

Sun ProtectionAvoids excessive sun exposure, uses sunscreen
SkincareUses Johnson Baby Oil and RoC sunscreen
RelaxationEnjoys a nightly vodka to relax
SleepEnsures over seven hours of sleep each night
Work EthicMaintains a busy and fulfilling schedule
Heritage InfluenceAttributes some of her youthful appearance to her Asian heritage

Vera Wang’s philosophy on beauty and aging demonstrates that a combination of dedication to one’s work, consistent skincare, proper relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle can contribute significantly to maintaining a youthful and vibrant appearance, regardless of age.


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