Transform Your Home with LEGO-Inspired Decor: LEGO Collaborates with IKEA for Exclusive Home Setup Exhibition


The concept of “soft decoration” has been gaining attention in recent years. It focuses on enhancing the existing structure of a home with personal style and creativity. One innovative way to achieve this is by incorporating LEGO elements into your home decor.

Recently, LEGO has officially started promoting “LEGO-style” soft decoration, and for the first time, LEGO Taiwan has partnered with the renowned home furnishing brand IKEA. This collaboration aims to showcase the versatility of LEGO in home decor through an exclusive exhibition.

Explore LEGO-Inspired Home Decor: Limited-Time Exhibition with IKEA

From May 11 to May 31, LEGO Taiwan will host the “Home Point LEGO Style” exhibition at the Taipei Xinyi Vieshow Courtyard. This unique exhibition will feature three different themed rooms, each showcasing the charm of incorporating LEGO into home decor.

Visitors can experience how LEGO elements can add a touch of creativity and fun to their living spaces.

During this event, LEGO Taiwan will offer free shipping on all online orders and launch various promotional activities, including a limited-edition “LEGO Sofa-Shaped Phone Holder” designed by LEGO Certified Professional Huang Yen-Chih.

Quick Summary Table

ThemeRoomKey LEGO SetsDescription
Travel EnthusiastsLiving Room21332 The Globe, 21347 London Red Telephone Box, 10298 Vespa 125Incorporates travel memories into home decor, creating a global travel atmosphere.
Personal StyleStudy Room75375 Millennium Falcon™, 10330 McLaren MP4/4 Ayrton SennaReflects personal interests and aspirations, creating a unique and relaxing space.
Tasteful LivingKitchen31208 The Great Wave off Kanagawa, 10328 Rose BouquetBlends warmth and happiness into the kitchen with floral LEGO sets.

Themed Rooms and LEGO Sets

Living Room: Travel Enthusiasts

In the living room, the theme centers around a family who loves to travel. Using sets like “21332 The Globe,” “21347 London Red Telephone Box,” and “10298 Vespa 125,” the room is transformed into a space filled with travel memories.

The LEGO elements add a whimsical touch, allowing the family to reminisce about their adventures and bring a piece of the world into their home.

Study Room: Personal Style

The study room showcases the individuality and interests of its owner.

Featuring sets like “75375 Millennium Falcon™” and “10330 McLaren MP4/4 Ayrton Senna,” this space exudes freedom and dreams.

The LEGO sets help create a personal retreat where one can escape daily stresses and immerse in their hobbies.

Kitchen: Tasteful Living

In the kitchen, the focus is on creating a space that embodies warmth and happiness.

Sets like “31208 The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and “10328 Rose Bouquet” are strategically placed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

These floral LEGO sets bring a touch of elegance and comfort, making the kitchen a delightful place to be.

Experience the Magic of LEGO and IKEA

This collaboration between LEGO and IKEA not only highlights the creative potential of LEGO in home decor but also offers visitors a chance to see and feel the possibilities in person.

With free shipping and exclusive promotions, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring a touch of LEGO magic into your own home. Whether you’re a fan of travel, personal style, or tasteful living, there’s something in this exhibition to inspire everyone.


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