SK-II Teams Up with Olympic Athletes to Champion #NOCOMPETITION Beauty

In a world where beauty standards often feel like a relentless competition, SK-II is making a bold statement: beauty should not be a competition.

Partnering with six Olympic athletes, the global skincare brand is leading the #NOCOMPETITION movement, encouraging women to define beauty on their own terms, free from societal pressures and unrealistic standards.

Key Collaborations and Products

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「美該不該成為一個比賽項目」六組奧運選手齊發聲 帶動NOCOMPETITION風潮

The Message Behind #NOCOMPETITION

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a global symbol of competition and excellence, provided the perfect backdrop for SK-II’s campaign.

While the world watched athletes strive for gold, SK-II turned the spotlight on a different kind of competition – the harmful beauty standards that women face daily.

The brand’s campaign, Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION, challenges these norms and encourages women to embrace their unique beauty without the pressure to conform.

Why Beauty Shouldn’t Be a Competition

Athletes like Simone Biles and Liu Xiang have faced public scrutiny over their appearances despite their incredible achievements.

Simone Biles, a decorated gymnast, has been subjected to online bullying about her physique. Surfer Mahina Maeda has faced criticism for not fitting into traditional feminine stereotypes.

Liu Xiang, a record-breaking swimmer, has been told to “remember she’s an athlete” when showcasing her beauty in magazine photoshoots. These stories highlight how societal pressures can overshadow personal achievements and cause unnecessary stress.

SK-II’s YoeGin Chang, Brand Director for SK-II Japan, emphasizes that beauty should be diverse and inclusive, not a source of competition.

Beauty can take many forms, but competition should not be one of them,” Chang states. This sentiment is at the core of SK-II’s mission to empower women to define beauty on their own terms.

The Athletes’ Stand

The #NOCOMPETITION campaign features Olympic athletes sharing their personal experiences with beauty standards and the pressures they’ve faced.

These athletes, including Simone Biles, Liu Xiang, and Japanese volleyball team Hinotori Nippon, use their platforms to advocate for a world where beauty is not about meeting others’ expectations but about personal empowerment and confidence.

SK-II’s Commitment

As a leading skincare brand, SK-II is dedicated to promoting positive self-image and mental health.

The #NOCOMPETITION campaign is more than just a marketing strategy; it’s a call to action against the harmful effects of beauty competitions.

By sharing these powerful stories, SK-II hopes to inspire women worldwide to reject toxic beauty standards and embrace their unique qualities.

For more information on SK-II’s #NOCOMPETITION campaign, visit their official website.

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  • Darphin Intral Rescue Super Concentrate (30ml $103): High-concentration vitamin B5 ampoule for intensive calming and repair.
  • Estee Lauder Youth Power Night Collagen Cream (75ml $165): Boosts collagen production overnight, suitable for all skin types and ages.

By championing the #NOCOMPETITION movement, SK-II is not just selling skincare products; they are promoting a healthier, more positive approach to beauty. Let’s join them in redefining beauty standards and celebrating our unique selves.


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