Nordic Skincare Takes the World by Storm: Are These Northern Formulas Right for Asian Skin?

Nordic skincare has captured global attention with its minimalist, nature-inspired approach. But what is Nordic beauty really about? It emphasizes health, simplicity, and effectiveness, translating into skincare that’s as efficient as it is elegant.

Why Are Nordic Countries So Happy?

According to the World Happiness Report released by the United Nations in March 2022, Finland is the “happiest country in the world,” followed closely by Denmark and Iceland. What’s their secret? Is it the omnipresent nature, the cozy living environment surrounded by loved ones, or the balance between work and personal life? These factors, combined with a healthy diet and a high priority on sleep quality, contribute to a high happiness index.


The Essence of Nordic Skincare

Simplicity and Effectiveness

In Nordic countries, women adopt a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to daily beauty routines, typically involving 3 to 5 steps. They pay special attention to skin cleansing and use carefully selected products. Mats Johansson, co-founder of the Swedish brand L:A Bruket, explains that their concept is based on Sweden’s lifestyle, emphasizing genuine and sustainable health and wellness practices. They aim to reconnect people with nature through plant-based and organic formulations inspired by Sweden’s traditional spa culture.

Focus on Self-Care

Nordic skincare brands focus on self-healing and encourage women to take time for their own care by creating premium body care products for a home spa experience. They also develop biotechnology to enhance the efficacy of natural ingredients. This approach ensures that skin improvement is achieved without harming nature, maintaining a strong emphasis on sustainability and circular production.

Natural Ingredients and Sustainability

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder of Rudolph Care, highlights the importance of listening to the body and skin’s needs, especially in the unique Nordic environment where light conditions vary drastically throughout the year. Nordic brands use natural ingredients that are effective yet gentle on the skin, ensuring no harmful chemicals or endocrine disruptors are used.

Popular Nordic Skincare Brands

L:A Bruket

Originating from Sweden’s west coast, L:A Bruket offers natural and organic skincare products based on simple skincare principles using natural ingredients. Their formulations are designed for daily routines and long-term skin health, rather than quick fixes. Products include body scrubs, moisturizers, and facial care items.


Founded by Lars Fredriksson, Verso Skincare is known for its unique Retinol 8 formula, which is eight times more effective than traditional retinol with half the irritation. Their product line includes night creams, super facial serums, and eye serums, all designed to cater to different skin needs with scientific and minimalist approaches.


A Swedish brand that started with natural fragrances, Vana now offers body care products inspired by Swedish midsummer traditions. Their body wash incorporates seven herbal extracts, including horsetail, nettle leaf, sage, rosemary, balsam mint, and chamomile, reflecting the Nordic connection to nature.

New Nordic

Headquartered in Sweden, New Nordic specializes in herbal nutritional supplements and skincare products, combining unique botanical expertise with modern technology. Their flagship products, especially hair volumizing supplements, are renowned worldwide.


This Stockholm-based brand draws inspiration from the natural, cultural, and geographical heritage of Scandinavia. Colekt offers sustainable, vegan skincare products that protect against aging, pollution, and blue light, using gender-neutral formulations suitable for all skin types.

Rudolph Care

Developed by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, this brand ensures all products are free from harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors. Rudolph Care focuses on sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients, offering a range of skincare products made in Denmark.


Founded in Copenhagen by Mette Skjærbæk and Julie Krogstad, Karmameju emphasizes green and eco-friendly skincare. Their products harness the power of nature to improve skin health and stimulate the senses, using essential oils, shea butter, and aloe vera.


Norwegian brand Sprekenhus uses high-quality natural ingredients, with argan oil being their signature component. Their minimalist packaging and focus on antioxidant-rich formulas aim to nourish and protect the skin, enhancing the user’s overall skincare experience.


Nordic skincare combines simplicity, effectiveness, and sustainability, making it a global trend. These brands offer formulations that cater to various skin types and conditions, using natural ingredients to enhance beauty without compromising on environmental responsibility. Whether you’re in Asia or anywhere else, these northern skincare treasures might just be the perfect addition to your routine.


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