June Fragrance Launches: Chanel, Dior, BIOTHERM, and More

Discover the latest fragrance launches for June, featuring exquisite scents and elegant packaging that capture the essence of summer.

From Chanel’s iconic classics to Dior’s luxurious holiday editions, here are the must-have fragrances to elevate your style this season.

Chanel N°5 L’EAU Fresh Morning Dew Limited Edition

Price: 50ml $180 USD

Chanel N°5 L’EAU Fresh Morning Dew Eau de Toilette offers a delightful blend of citrus notes, jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang, with a lingering base of vetiver and cedar.

First introduced in 2016, this fragrance quickly became a daily favorite for many. Now, Chanel presents it in a limited-edition water droplet design, featuring a transparent glass bottle that encapsulates its unique scent story.

「香奈兒N°5 LEAU清新晨露淡香水水滴限定、迪奧限量夏日度假系列、BIOTHERM奇蹟煥膚新品…」6月香氛新品part2

Dior Limited Summer Holiday Collection

This summer, Dior draws inspiration from the South of France, offering three exquisite fragrances: Eden Rock, Jasmine des Anges, and Escale à Portofino.

Each fragrance is presented in vibrant Toile de Jouy prints, along with a limited-edition “Luxury Travel Bottle” and “Fragrance Scarf.”

「香奈兒N°5 LEAU清新晨露淡香水水滴限定、迪奧限量夏日度假系列、BIOTHERM奇蹟煥膚新品…」6月香氛新品part2

Eden Rock Fragrance

Price: 125ml $355 USD / 250ml $525 USD

Eden Rock captures the warmth of sunlight through jasmine and subtle marine notes, with a vibrant yellow box reflecting the dreamy atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur.

「香奈兒N°5 LEAU清新晨露淡香水水滴限定、迪奧限量夏日度假系列、BIOTHERM奇蹟煥膚新品…」6月香氛新品part2

Jasmine des Anges Fragrance

Price: 125ml $355 USD / 250ml $525 USD

This fragrance combines rich jasmine with sweet apricot and black currant, enclosed in a passionate red Toile de Jouy print, exuding a romantic and sweet ambiance.

「香奈兒N°5 LEAU清新晨露淡香水水滴限定、迪奧限量夏日度假系列、BIOTHERM奇蹟煥膚新品…」6月香氛新品part2

Escale à Portofino Fragrance

Price: 125ml $355 USD / 250ml $525 USD

Featuring May rose and fig leaves, this fragrance conveys a refreshing and serene experience, perfect for a relaxing summer escape.

「香奈兒N°5 LEAU清新晨露淡香水水滴限定、迪奧限量夏日度假系列、BIOTHERM奇蹟煥膚新品…」6月香氛新品part2

Luxury Travel Bottle (Empty)

Price: 15ml $190 USD

Carry your favorite Dior fragrance in style with this luxurious travel bottle, adorned with vibrant Toile de Jouy patterns.

Toile de Jouy Fragrance Scarf

Price: $265 USD

Available in orange-red, green, and yellow, these elegant scarves are perfect for adding a touch of summer flair.

Additional Summer Holiday Body Care

  • Cleansing Gel: 350ml $75 USD
  • Fragrance Body Lotion: 350ml $115 USD

These body care products not only cleanse and moisturize your skin but also leave a delightful scent.

BIOTHERM Miracle Skin Care Series

BIOTHERM introduces a new line promising visible results in just seven days. The collection features environmentally friendly formulations, with over 94% biodegradable and vegan ingredients.

Miracle Triple Acid Body Serum

Price: 200ml $80 USD

This body serum combines three acids—5% AHA, salicylic acid, and a second-generation AHA—to gently exfoliate and deeply hydrate the skin, addressing issues like roughness and dullness.

Miracle Body Gentle Scrub Gel

Price: 200ml $50 USD

Using natural apricot kernels instead of plastic microbeads, this scrub gently removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

TOM FORD Soleil Brûlant Eau de Parfum

Price: 50ml $480 USD

Featuring notes of bergamot, lemon, and Italian blood orange, this fragrance opens with a refreshing burst, followed by rich layers of jasmine and sage. Double orange blossom creates a lush, vibrant scent, ending with a warm amber musk that evokes the feeling of an Italian summer.

Mediterranean Collection: Soleil Brûlant Hand Cream

Price: 75ml $52 USD

This hand cream continues the delightful fragrance, providing luxurious care for your hands.

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Jennifer Lopez LIMITLESS Eau de Parfum

Price: 30ml $55 USD / 50ml $65 USD / 100ml $75 USD

Inspired by J.Lo herself, LIMITLESS aims to awaken inner confidence and strength. The fragrance starts with fresh lemon, followed by bold black pepper and red apple, transitioning into a heart of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and patchouli, and finishing with sandalwood and musk.

Calvin Klein Eternity Intense for Women

Price: 100ml $130 USD

This fragrance features an opening of lavender, combined with coconut essence for a bright, vibrant feel, balanced with cedarwood for a contrasting depth.

Eternity Intense for Men

Price: 100ml $120 USD

Opening with juniper berry essence, this fragrance blends cardamom and fruit notes with lavender, ending with a touch of coconut essence to create a bold, sensual aroma.

Explore these luxurious new fragrances and find your perfect summer scent to captivate and enchant all season long.


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