Discover the Harmony of French and Japanese Aesthetics at Hotel Hana – Paris’s Newest Gem!

Are you a travel enthusiast who has stayed in a myriad of hotel styles worldwide? From minimalist MUJI rooms in Japan to luxurious Baroque-style accommodations in Europe, you’ve experienced it all. But today, we introduce a unique Parisian destination that blends French elegance with Japanese simplicity. Welcome to Hotel Hana, a new hotspot in Paris that offers a fresh and distinct lodging experience!

Hotel Hana stands out among other boutique hotels in Paris, representing a beautiful fusion of diverse cultures while maintaining a unique Parisian soul.

Situated between the Jardin du Palais Royal and the Opéra Garnier, in Paris’s renowned “Little Tokyo” district, Hotel Hana is surrounded by Japanese cafes and shops. This location perfectly complements the vision of French interior designer Laura Gonzalez for Hotel Hana. Inspired by the centuries-old Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic, the hotel embraces the beauty of imperfection through textured interiors and linear panels. The rich colors and patterns evoke the late 19th-century French Japonisme craze.

A Blossoming Beauty in Paris's Hotel Scene

Experience the Elegance of Hotel Hana

Hotel Hana is the brainchild of designer Laura Gonzalez and fashion industry art director Olivier Leone, known for his collaborations with Sonia Rykiel, Louis Vuitton, and Nodaleto. Described as a “jewel box,” the hotel combines elegance and modernity, offering a cocoon-like atmosphere that exudes a unique feminine charm.

With only 26 rooms, the hotel ensures a tranquil and intimate ambiance. Each room features scenic views and a layered decor style that creates a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. Gonzalez enlisted the help of feng shui expert Hélène Weber to enhance the serene atmosphere of each room. The decor includes dark green chestnut wood, rattan, straw, bi-color marble in the bathrooms, and vibrant jacquard silk and velvet in the bar. Gonzalez explains, “I wanted to add plenty of details to ensure there’s always something interesting wherever you look.”

A Blossoming Beauty in Paris's Hotel Scene

A Fusion of Modern Maximalism and Minimalism

The hotel’s interior is a masterpiece crafted by Gonzalez and a team of artisans, a hallmark of her projects. Atelier Roma decorated the bar and restaurant with subtle gold frescoes, while Signature Murale added textured relief to the art deco-inspired pool walls. Pierre Frey custom-made the carpets, designed by Gonzalez herself.

Beyond its design, Hotel Hana offers services that reflect a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. The bar and restaurant, Hanabi, feature a fusion menu of French and Japanese cuisine. The classic dry martini is reinvented with Japanese gin, sansho-infused vermouth, and ume (Japanese plum) instead of the traditional olive. The spa partners with lymphatic massage expert Lymfea to offer Eastern rituals, including reiki, kobido (facial sculpting treatment), and chi nei tsang (a type of abdominal massage believed to have multiple healing benefits).

A Blossoming Beauty in Paris’s Hotel Scene

“Hana,” meaning “flower” in Japanese, is a recurring theme in the hotel’s decor and signifies the hotel’s blossoming presence in Paris’s flourishing hotel industry.

Hotel Hana is a must-visit for those seeking a harmonious blend of French sophistication and Japanese minimalism. Book your stay and experience the serene elegance of this unique Parisian gem.

A Blossoming Beauty in Paris's Hotel Scene

Quick Information Guide

LocationBetween Jardin du Palais Royal and Opéra Garnier, in Paris’s “Little Tokyo”
DesignFusion of French Japonisme and Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics
Notable Features26 rooms, serene ambiance, textured decor, vibrant colors, and patterns
Interior DesignBy Laura Gonzalez and Olivier Leone
Special ServicesJapanese-French fusion menu at Hanabi, spa services by Lymfea
Unique Decor ElementsDark green chestnut wood, rattan, straw, bi-color marble, jacquard silk, and velvet
BookingAvailable for reservations now
JapaneseInspired Hotel Hana in Paris with floral pattern upholstered banquette seating and green stools

For an unforgettable stay that marries the elegance of French design with the tranquility of Japanese aesthetics, Hotel Hana is your ideal choice in Paris.


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