Clarins Unveils Premium Skincare Line: The Secrets of the Rare Moonlight Flower

Discover why Clarins, a leading skincare brand, has finally ventured into the realm of luxury skincare with its new premium line, featuring the rare and precious Moonlight Flower.

Table of Products

ProductDescriptionPrice (USD)
Precious Moonlight Flower Essence WaterDeeply hydrating essence to prep the skin$150
Precious Moonlight Flower CreamRich cream with triple peptide complex$400
Precious Moonlight Flower Eye CreamSpecialized eye care with powerful ingredients$180
Moonlight Flower Massage ToolGua Sha-inspired massage tool$120

The Philosophy Behind Clarins Precious

A New Direction for Clarins

Despite a global downturn in overall sales due to the pandemic, the luxury skincare segment has been booming. Clarins, traditionally focused on providing high-quality products at reasonable prices, has entered this market with the Clarins Precious line. This shift is largely due to the discovery of the Moonlight Flower, a rare ingredient that significantly enhances skincare efficacy.

The Moonlight Flower: A Rare and Precious Ingredient

The Moonlight Flower is a unique botanical that blooms only once a year at night. Originating from Central America’s tropical rainforests, it was brought to Brittany, France, 15 years ago by two French brothers. They cultivate it in a specialized greenhouse maintained at a constant 37°F to preserve its delicate properties.

Harvesting and Extracting the Moonlight Flower

Precision and Care

To harness the full potential of the Moonlight Flower, Clarins collaborates closely with the cultivators in Brittany. The flowers are handpicked within two hours of blooming and immediately frozen at -321°F. This process ensures that the flower’s active ingredients are preserved at their peak efficacy.

Advanced Formulation: Triple Peptide Complex

Enhancing Skin Health

Clarins Laboratories have developed a unique Triple Peptide Complex to complement the Moonlight Flower extract. This advanced formulation works on multiple skin layers, rejuvenating and renewing the skin to combat signs of aging effectively.

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Sustainable and Luxurious Packaging

Commitment to the Environment

Clarins has always been committed to sustainability, and this is evident in the packaging of the Precious line. The recyclable packaging is inspired by high-end automobile technology, combining luxury with eco-friendliness. Unlike many luxury creams that offer refill options, Clarins has opted for a fully recyclable design to reduce environmental impact.

Complete Precious Moonlight Flower Skincare Ritual

A Holistic Approach

The first wave of the Clarins Precious series includes Essence Water, Cream, and Eye Cream. Due to the rarity of the Moonlight Flower extract, a serum is planned for release in 2023. This line is not only about skincare but also about a sensory experience, with a bespoke fragrance crafted by perfumer Dorothée Piot to enhance the enjoyment and therapeutic effects of the products.

Product Highlights

  • Precious Moonlight Flower Essence Water: Prepares the skin with deep hydration and revitalization.
  • Precious Moonlight Flower Cream: Combines Moonlight Flower extract with triple peptides and other natural extracts for youthful, radiant skin.
  • Precious Moonlight Flower Eye Cream: Targets the delicate eye area, reducing puffiness and brightening the skin.
  • Moonlight Flower Massage Tool: Enhances the application and effectiveness of the cream through deep tissue massage.

Exclusive Spa Treatment

The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Clarins has introduced the Precious Moonlight Flower Spa Treatment, combining French skincare techniques with traditional Eastern acupressure. This 15-step regimen activates skin microcirculation and provides a sculpting effect similar to radiofrequency therapy. The treatment is available at select Clarins Spas, priced at $800 for 90 minutes and $1,000 for 120 minutes.


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