Brooke Shields Launches Haircare Brand for Women Over 40: “Hair Care is More Important Than Eyebrows”

Brooke Shields, known for her iconic thick eyebrows, is now launching a beauty brand called Commence, aimed at women over 40. In a conversation with Vogue, Shields shared the inspiration behind her new venture.

布魯克雪德絲Brooke Shields為40歲女性創立美容品牌,她說:保養頭髮比畫眉毛重要

Why Hair Care Matters More Than Eyebrows

At 59, Brooke Shields realizes that as women age, their hair and scalp needs change significantly. She conducted a poll on her social media, focusing on the theme “start now,” and discovered a common issue among mature women: thinning and weakening hair. Shields states, “Through some research, I found out that many women over 40 face a lot of gaps when it comes to hair care.”

Commence was developed with a focus on these needs, avoiding terms like “menopause” which can carry negative connotations. Shields emphasizes, “It’s refreshing to see brands avoiding the stigma of aging, but many still use terms like anti-aging because it’s profitable. Commence avoids words like anti-aging, dryness, or menopause in its marketing due to their negative implications.”

The Secret to Thicker, Fuller Hair

Commence has launched three products: a 2-in-1 shampoo, a thickening root serum, and a leave-in conditioner. These products are formulated with scientifically supported compounds to promote stronger and fuller hair growth from the scalp, featuring ingredients like alfalfa extract and acai berry stem cells.

Shields targets women over 40, explaining, “I don’t understand why the beauty industry lacks products for women experiencing thinning hair after 40. Many women feel forgotten, while the focus is often on empowerment and success for older women.”

Shields has a particular fondness for the instant-dissolve shampoo, which uses a powder that adds volume and texture to the hair. “This is our version of dry shampoo, but it’s more than that,” she explains.

The formula includes oil-absorbing powders and hyaluronic acid to boost volume and hydration, making it a solution for dry scalps as well.

The Inspiration Behind Commence

Shields feels deeply connected to the women who grew up with her, and her goal with Commence is to address their specific needs. She states, “At this stage of my life, I am proud of where I come from and excited about exploring this new territory.”

2-in-1 ShampooA shampoo that doubles as a conditioner, promoting hair health and volume.
Thickening SerumA root serum that strengthens hair from the scalp, using alfalfa extract and acai berry stem cells.
Leave-in ConditionerA conditioner that provides lasting hydration and protection for fuller hair.

Commence aims to fill the gap in hair care for women over 40, focusing on strength, volume, and overall scalp health without using terms that carry negative connotations about aging. Brooke Shields is excited to bring her personal experience and research into this new venture, hoping to empower mature women with the hair care solutions they need.


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