Avoid Aging: The Right Way to Remove Eye Makeup and Fight Wrinkles

Removing eye makeup correctly is crucial for maintaining youthful skin.

Experts have stressed the importance of thorough makeup removal, but it’s often overlooked how to do it properly, especially for the delicate eye area.

Proper technique and suitable products can prevent premature aging.

Let’s dive into the best practices for removing eye makeup while fighting wrinkles, as shared by Miami-based beauty therapist Marcella Ceva Grimaldi.

How to Correctly Remove Eye Makeup

1. Avoid Rubbing

Rubbing your eyes to remove makeup is a big no-no.

The ideal method is to soak a cotton pad in makeup remover and place it over your eyelid.

This allows the makeup remover to dissolve the products without the need for harsh rubbing, which can cause redness and irritation.

2. Use Anti-Aging Techniques

The best way to remove eye makeup is using gravity-defying motions.

Start by placing your fingers on your brow to hold the upper eyelid in place, then gently wipe from top to bottom with the soaked cotton pad.

For the lower eyelid, place your hand on your cheekbone and wipe upwards. This method helps maintain skin elasticity and stimulates muscles to keep them toned.

Author’s Tips for Eye Makeup Removal

Tip 1: Use the Right Products

Not all makeup removers are suitable for the eye area. Opt for a dual-phase formula that combines oil and water to effectively remove makeup without being too heavy.

Tip 2: Follow Up with Cleansing

After removing your makeup, follow up with your regular cleansing routine and rinse with plenty of water to ensure all residues are removed.

Recommended Eye Makeup Removers

Dior Instant Eye and Lip Makeup RemoverA gentle dual-phase formula enriched with French white water lily extract, meadowfoam seed oil, and cornflower water to remove makeup while maintaining skin’s pH balance and hydration.$45
Bioderma Sensibio H2O Eye Makeup RemoverFeatures a 30% plant extract oil and 70% medical-grade water base, effectively dissolving waterproof makeup without leaving an oily residue. Contains high-purity B5 to repair delicate skin around the eyes and strengthen lashes.$16
Kaibeauty Ultra Clean Eye and Lip Makeup RemoverDesigned for delicate eye and lip areas, quickly removes stubborn waterproof makeup with a gentle, non-greasy formula enriched with plant extracts to soothe and protect.$19

Detailed Removal Steps

1. Soak and Press
Soak a cotton pad with your chosen makeup remover and press it gently onto your closed eyelid. Let it sit for a few seconds to allow the remover to dissolve the makeup.

2. Wipe Gently
Without rubbing, gently wipe downwards from the brow to the lash line, and upwards from the cheekbone to the lower lash line. Use a cotton swab for precise removal of mascara from your lashes.

3. Repeat if Necessary
If there’s still makeup residue, repeat the process with a fresh cotton pad. Ensure all traces of makeup are removed to prevent buildup that can lead to irritation.

4. Cleanse Thoroughly
After removing all makeup, follow up with your regular facial cleanser to remove any remaining residue. Rinse with plenty of water and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Why Proper Eye Makeup Removal Matters

Properly removing eye makeup is more than just about cleanliness. It prevents the delicate skin around your eyes from being tugged and pulled, which can lead to wrinkles and loss of elasticity over time. By using the right products and techniques, you can maintain the youthful appearance of your eyes.


Learning how to remove eye makeup correctly is a vital step in your anti-aging skincare routine. By avoiding harsh rubbing and using gravity-defying techniques, you can protect the delicate skin around your eyes and prevent premature aging. Use the recommended products and follow the detailed steps to keep your eyes looking youthful and fresh. For more beauty tips and product recommendations, follow my blog and YouTube channel. Thank you for your support, and see you next time!


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